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We speak your language. • Noi parliamo vostra lingua. • Nostros hablamos su idioma. • Vi pratar ert språk. • Nous parlons votre langue. •  Wir sprechen Ihre Sprache.
This is what our clients are saying about our services:

"Your prompt and professional help with some of our translations and video narrations
is greatly appreciated. We enjoy working with a professional company such as yours."

"We have used numerous translators and talked to many more. PAE offers big company
service with small company prices, flexibility and responsiveness. They have become our
exclusive source for translations."
"PAE has always performed for us in an excellent manner under extensive lead time pressure."
"PAE provides a fast, friendly and accurate service for all of our translation needs.
We will continue to rely on your promptness,quality and attention to detail. Your service
is superior to other translation firms that we have worked with in the past... You have done
a spectacular job in the past and we plan on using your service in the future."
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