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We speak your language. • Noi parliamo vostra lingua. • Nostros hablamos su idioma. • Vi pratar ert språk. • Nous parlons votre langue. •  Wir sprechen Ihre Sprache.
Video/Multimedia Narrations
Websites and Software Localization
Translations for the Hispanic Community
TRANSLATIONS (into all languages)
Good translations do not substitute words from one language to another. Good translations convey the meaning and
flavor of the original document and respect the cultural nuances of the country or people where it will be used.

To achieve quality, PAE assigns your projects to field-specific language professionals who are fully bilingual and
bicultural. The translations are reviewed for completeness and accuracy before they are sent back to you.

Our translators are accredited and have extensive experience in the specific subject fields our clients need such
as automotive, technical, biomedical, pharmaceutical, legal and chemical.
We work closely with your Company to make sure we understand your "in-house" terminology

We translate your documents into one language or simultaneously into many languages.
PAE can translate your
Advertising, Marketing & Promotional Materials
Product Packaging & Inserts
Manuals (Technical & Training)
Patents, Annual Reports, Insurance Documents, Warranties, etc.
For more information on our translators please see "Our People"
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Putting your Video or Multimedia Project in another language takes several steps. The translation itself requires
a special skill because languages such as Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, etc., are about 15-25%
longer than English.

We can walk you through the entire process of preparation and production of your project in one or many languages.
The consultation is FREE.
What we will do for you:
•Translate your Script with the proper cultural adaptation
•Record the Voice-overs using native speakers & professional narrators
•Help you release your product simultaneously in multiple languages
•Help you with "subtitling" instead of voice-overs, if you should choose
•Help you with any type of Commercials (for radio or television)
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Samples of our work
To have a successful meeting (business or training) with non-English Speaking people, it is wise to have
professional interpreters to help you bridge the language barrier. The participants might know some English,
but you want to make sure that everything is correctly understood.
Since its inception in 1981 PAE has interpreted for corporations and government agencies at all levels. PAE offers you:
•Consecutive and simultaneous interpreters
•Interpreters for Business Meetings
•Interpreters for Training Sessions & Seminars
•Interpreters for Video-conferencing
For more information on our translators please see "Our People"
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The camera-ready preparation of your documents requires many steps in order to achieve a quality product: translation,
proofing of translation, typesetting, proofing of typesetting for completeness and accuracy, final proofing of typesetting
before sending it out to the client.

With its ability to manage multilingual Projects, PAE takes care of all these steps saving you
time and frustration. PAE has been doing this since 1981 and has worked with projects from
Business Cards to complex and lengthy Technical Manuals.
PAE works with:
•IBM & MAC platforms.
•Quark XPress, Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand, Adobe Framemaker, Adobe Acrobat and Adobe PageMaker
PAE will:
•Output to Film or Back to Disk
•Transfer your electronic files via the Internet
•Create PDF files
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Penetrating global markets means to be able to present your products or services in a clear, simple and persuasive
manner. Local forms and customs must be taken into consideration in order to appeal to the target audience.

The use of the Web around the world varies according to the cultures and their expectations.
PAE works with you at every step of the way and offers you:
•Translation of your documentation
•Cultural Content and Adaptation
•Project Management
•Working with your HTML files
For more information on our translators please see "Our People"
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The Hispanic community is now the largest minority in the U.S., with a population of 40 million. Their buying capacity is
increasing at a rate of 118% per year and they are known for their loyalty to the products they buy and for appreciating
extra personal attention and service. Corporations that have a strategy to reach the Hispanic consumers will be ahead
of the game.
PAE works with the State of Michigan and its various departments. PAE offered
"Cultural Training" to American companies getting ready for Trade
Shows and Business Meetings in Latin America and translated
their documentation.

PAE translated into Spanish the manual
"What Every Driver Should Know,"
prepared by the State as well as many other important pieces of information.

PAE has a contract with the State to provide interpretation services in Spanish
and other languages.

PAE works with
Companies and Advertising Agencies that want to reach the Hispanic Community through
Video commercials in Spanish.These commercials are aired in Univision and Telemundo.

The Hotel Industry through various entities, throughout the US, that prepare Training Videos for their Spanish employees.

Manufacturers who wish to present, in Spanish, their new equipment and how to use it, continue coming to PAE for their translations.

Video Producers who need translators and professional narrators for their projects in Spanish. PAE has worked with all the video producers in town and with many others around the country.

Jorge W. García, Ph.D., President of PAE offers a most valuable insight into the language, culture and motivation of the
Hispanic communities in this country.

A native of South America and with 30 years of professional work in the US, Jorge can help you understand and reach
your potential Hispanic markets.
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