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We speak your language. • Noi parliamo vostra lingua. • Nostros hablamos su idioma. • Vi pratar ert språk. • Nous parlons votre langue. •  Wir sprechen Ihre Sprache.

Translations must be presented in a format that is linguistically and culturally correct so as to convey the
professional image of your company. Translations must also flow smoothly and convey accurately the meaning
of the original document. Only professional translators and native speakers of the target language can achieve
this. For this reason PAE never uses students of a foreign language or computerized translations but only
seasoned translators who have extensive experience in a given field.

To work for PAE, our applicants must meet PAE's strict criteria in order
to be considered part of PAE's team.

Our translators are:
• Native speakers of the target language
• College degreed. Most of our translators are MA’s, MD’s, JD or Ph.D.’s
• Specialists in a given field such as automotive, electronics, law, medicine,
patents, advertising, etc.
• Accredited or have extensive experience in a particular field.
• Full-time translators. In this way we can offer faster turn-around to our clients.
• Team players. We can have a team of translators working simultaneously
on a very large project, if necessary.

Our narrators and interpreters are also experienced professionals and native
speakers of the language.

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