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Since its inception in 1981, PAE has worked with over 600 corporations
throughout the US. These satisfied and repeat customers have been kind
enough to refer new clients to us.

The breadth of our experience is quite extensive since we have worked with
companies from various industries.
We hope to be able to work with your Company as well, and we are ready to
offer you what we do best: quality and excellent service.
• Steelcase
• Herman Miller, Inc.
• Frigidaire
• Eden Foods
• Felder Communications
• NuTone Inc.
• Age International
• Schott & Associates
• Vision Graphics
• Domino's Pizza, Inc.
• Gerber Products Company
• Haworth
• Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising, Inc.
• Wolverine World Wide
• Donnelly Corporation
• Michigan Department of Commerce
Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce
• Chester Storthz Advertising, Inc.
• Banning Company, Inc.
• D.J. Case & Associates
• American Business Forms
• Next Dimension
• Dobbs International Services
• Media Management
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