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We speak your language. • Noi parliamo vostra lingua. • Nostros hablamos su idioma. • Vi pratar ert språk. • Nous parlons votre langue. •  Wir sprechen Ihre Sprache.

PAE was founded in 1981 with the mission of helping companies succeed in the Global Marketplace

through clear communications.PAE has worked with hundreds of corporations, including the Fortune 500,
enabling them to increase their global market share.
To succeed in the Global Market, your company must present any products or services in a clear way.
The information must project a very positive image of your company across all cultures and languages.
The quality of the translation must reflect the quality of your Company. You can achieve this, as many
other companies have, with the services of PAE.
PAE was founded by Jorge W. Garcia, Ph.D., who brought
to the company his linguistic, cultural and managerial expertise,
PAE has worked for companies throughout the entire USA as
well as from other countries.
PAE is the "one stop solution" for your Global Communications
needs whether you need to publish any documentation or
prepare a corporate or training video in one or many
languages simultaneously.
We at PAE are known for our prompt and friendly service,
our quality product, our project management skills, and for working with your deadlines. If quality is an important issue
in your Company, PAE is your best ally.
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